The Chemtrol® socket 90-degree elbow features female thermo-seal fusion socket connections. Chemtrol® PVDF fittings are lightweight, easy to install and maintenance-free. Chemtrol® fittings connect piping lengths together with thermo-seal fusion joining, threading or flanging to create a highly reliable, leak-free system. Please refer to Chemtrol technical data sheets, chemical resistance guides and catalogs for engineering and installation information. Chemtrol® Kynar® natural PVDF exhibits superior strength, working temperature and chemical resistance characteristics. Kynar® PVDF offers versatile chemical resistance to slats, strong acids, dilute bases and many organic solvents such as aromatics, aliphadics and chlorinated groups. PVDF is also ideally suited for handling wet or dry chlorine bromine and other halogens. Chemtrol® premium line of plastic fittings is backed by a 1-year limited warranty. Because Chemtrol® is a NIBCO brand the flow-control fittings are unsurpassed in quality, performance and longevity.
Unit of Measure

UPC Code

N/A 039923068767


N/A Elbow

Size (Dimensions)

N/A 1

Connection Type

N/A S x S

All Basic Material



N/A Natural

Pipe Schedule

N/A 80


N/A 6607 1" SOC 90 ELL NAT PVDF

eClass Classification

N/A Natural PVDF Elbows

Net Weight

N/A 0.279 lb