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The socket tee features female thermo-seal fusion joining socket connections and is used to join piping lengths together. Chemtrol® PP fittings are lightweight, easy to install and maintenance-free. Please refer to Chemtrol technical data sheets, chemical resistance guides and catalogs for engineering and installation information. Chemtrol® Chem-Pure® polypropylene exhibits extremely low content of metals, organic compounds, and free ions. No pigments or other adulterants are added to the plastic resin. Chem-Pure® natural polypropylene demonstrates excellent chemical resistance properties, including aqueous solutions of acids, alkalis and salts, and a number of organic solvents. Chemtrol® premium line of plastic fittings are backed by a 1-year limited warranty. Because Chemtrol® is a NIBCO brand the flow-control fittings are unsurpassed in quality, performance and longevity.
Socket Tee S x S x S - Chem-Pure® Natural Polypropylene Schedule 80, 6211
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CN02750 N/A 039923057723 N/A 1/2 N/A S x S x S N/A 6211 1/2" SOC TEE CHEMPURE
CN02800 N/A 039923057730 N/A 3/4 N/A S x S x S N/A 6211 3/4" SOC TEE CHEMPURE
CN02850 N/A 039923057747 N/A 1 N/A S x S x S N/A 6211 1" SOC TEE CHEMPURE
CN02900 N/A 039923057754 N/A 1 1/2 N/A S x S x S N/A 6211 11/2" SOC TEE CHEMPURE
CN02950 N/A 039923057761 N/A 2 N/A S x S x S N/A 6211 2" SOC TEE CHEMPURE
CN03000 N/A 039923057778 N/A 3 N/A S x S x S N/A 6211 3" SOC TEE CHEMPURE
CN03050 N/A 039923057785 N/A 4 N/A S x S x S N/A 6211 4" SOC TEE CHEMPURE
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