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The black PP elbow features female thermo-seal socket connections to change the direction of piping 45 degrees. Chemtrol® PP fittings are lightweight, easy to install and maintenance-free. Please refer to Chemtrol technical data sheets, chemical resistance guides and catalogs for engineering and installation information. Chemtrol® industrial thermoplastic flow-control systems perform well in harsh environments because they are made with materials that are resistant to abrasion, corrosion, weather, chemical and biological attack. Chemtrol® black polypropylene demonstrates excellent tensile strength, UV stability and versatile chemical resistance properties, making it the material of choice for harsh industrial, outdoor and underground applications.
Socket 45° Elbow S x S - Black Polypropylene Schedule 80, 6106
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CC01150 N/A 039923092007 N/A 1/2 N/A S x S N/A 6106 1/2 SOC 45 ELL PPRO
CC01200 N/A 039923092021 N/A 3/4 N/A S x S N/A 6106 3/4 SOC 45 ELL PPRO
CC01250 N/A 039923092045 N/A 1 N/A S x S N/A 6106 1 SOC 45 ELL PPRO
CC01300 N/A 039923092083 N/A 1 1/2 N/A S x S N/A 6106 1-1/2 SOC 45 ELL PPRO
CC01350 N/A 039923092106 N/A 2 N/A S x S N/A 6106 2 SOC 45 ELL PPRO
CC01400 N/A 039923092120 N/A 3 N/A S x S N/A 6106 3 SOC 45 ELL PPRO
CC01450 N/A 039923092144 N/A 4 N/A S x S N/A 6106 4 SOC 45 ELL PPRO
CC01500 N/A 039923092168 N/A 6 N/A S x S N/A 6106 6 SOC 45 ELL PPRO
Unit of Measure