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The NIBCO® ductile iron butterfly valve provides ease of operation with quarter-turn (90 degrees) open to close. The EPDM cartridge liner with aluminum bronze disc is recommended for most water applications. An extended neck allows for insulation up to 2 inches. Please refer to NIBCO technical data sheets, chemical resistance guides and catalogs for engineering and installation information. Choose NIBCO® ductile iron butterfly valves for the most specified, versatile and economical valve option in commercial, mechanical and industrial applications. NIBCO® butterfly valves are backed by the NIBCO 5-year 125% limited warranty.
Butterfly Valve - Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel Disc and Stem, LD-2022
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NLGL15T N/A 039923777973 N/A Lug N/A 14 N/A Gear Operator N/A LD10005 14 LUG/EPDM/ALUM BRZ W/GEAR OP
NLGL15U N/A 039923777980 N/A Lug N/A 16 N/A Gear Operator N/A LD10005 16 LUG/EPDM/ALUM BRZ W/GEAR OP
NLGL15V N/A 039923777997 N/A Lug N/A 18 N/A Gear Operator N/A LD10005 18 LUG/EPDM/ALUM BRZ W/GEAR OP
NLGL15W N/A 039923778000 N/A Lug N/A 20 N/A Gear Operator N/A LD10005 20 LUG/EPDM/ALUM BRZ W/GEAR OP
NLGL15X N/A 039923778017 N/A Lug N/A 24 N/A Gear Operator N/A LD10005 24 LUG/EPDM/ALUM BRZ W/GEAR OP
NLGL16XY N/A 039923332059 N/A L - Lug N/A 26 N/A Gear Operator N/A LD10005 26 LUG/EPDM/ALUM BRZ W/GEAR OP
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